Freeport Districts


The Docks are where most of the traffic comes in and out of Freeport. It is a chaotic area with ships constantly coming and going. The Docks used to be home to a street gang called the Buccaneers, but their leader, Patch Carty was rumored to have been captured by Commissioner Williams.

The Docks themselves are overseen by the Harbormaster, Kaddaceous “Kad” Serlin, who makes sure all the ships pay their docking fee.

This is an area where people from all over the world will bump into each other

The Longshoreman’s Union

With all the ships that come through Freeport, there are dozens of workers who live in Freeport that do most of the work to load and unload cargo from the ships. These are the longshorement, and they have created a union.

The organization was started 30 years ago by Poppy Bragg. If you work on the docks, you must be part of the union.

The Seaside Market

The seaside market is possibly the most heavily traveled location in The Docks, if not all of Freeport. Vendors of all types set up their tents here to sell their goods. You can find just about anything you’re looking for, though the price may not be cheap.

The Black Gull

This tavern is very popular with the sailors that come into Freeport. Located at the eastern end of The Docks, it is easily accessible to all, and keeps the riff raff from getting too close to the Merchant and Warehouse Districts.

Fights are commonplace here, as sailors from all corners of the world are brought together in one place.

The owner is a human named Dill Mackey.

The Rusty Hook

This building used to be a warehouse, but when it was won in a dice game by Karl Wine, he converted it into an inn and tavern. The rooms are upstairs and the downstairs is part kitchen and part common room.

Society of Lobstermen

The society of lobstermen are the source for obtaining lobster in Freeport. They have hundreds of traps set up all along the ocean floor and even though lobsters are rare, they bring in quite a few.

They have three ships and are quite well funded, speaking to the lucrative nature of the lobster business. They have their main office set up in The Docks.

The Shipping News

The Shipping News is an entire building dedicated to sharing information. This building in The Docks has wanted posters, job notices, and public announcements on display. There are several town criers that can be hired to spread word on the streets, which is commonly done when a new law is put into place by the Sea Lord.

The One Ring

The One Ring is a stone ringed fighting circle in The Docks. Once a week the One Ring has a night of fights that can be incredibly brutal. Crowds come to watch the bloodshed and bet on the fighters.

The One Ring is operated by a dwarf named Dahn Rey, who has been running this gig since the days of Sea Lord Marquetta.

The Broken Mug

This run-down tavern is perched on the end of the last pier of The Docks before Scurvytown. It’s name comes from the tradition of using broken mugs for fighting.

It is owned by a female dwarf named Dakarta Gringsson. Those who annoy her too much are bound hand and foot and dropped through a trapdoor into the water below, while tied to a rope. The offender is then hauled out of the water.

The Diving Fin

This restaurant in The Docks has turned from a local hotspot to a city-wide favorite. Operated by a halfing named Dreiden Simmerswell, the quality of the food here has built up its reputation.

All the seafood is fresh, and an extensive variety. There is no fighting allowed, as Dreiden wants to aspire to the wealthier citizens as well as the common folk.

The Star of the Sea

This activist organization represents the women and children who have lost family members at sea. It was started by Meredian Clozet, this group helps those left behind. It has become quite the popular group over the last 10 years, and has given Meredian Clozet a respected voice in Freeport.

Many respected merchants came through the Star of the Sea. The headquarters for this group is in The Docks. All of the members traditionally wear black, as they mourn for those who were lost, and who are fated to become lost again.


Drac’s End forms the northern border of the city. Nothing but a patch of sand protects Drac’s End from the imposing Valossan Jungle of the island. This part of the city is very poor, though the people here still have hope of a decent life, unlike Scurvytown. Many residents in this area live in tents.

This is the middle-class area of the city, home to the hopeful of Freeport. Those who live here aspire to achieve great things, though most are just one bad business deal away from ruin. However, they are a far step above the slums of Scurvytown or Drac’s End.


The Eastern District is known for its hustle and bustle where those who live there are trying to take that next step into success.

This area was formerly under the protection of a crime lord named Finn, who kept all crime out of this part of the city.

The Field of Honor

In years past, pirates lived by a code of brotherhood. When disputes could not be settled, duels would be fought in the Field of Honor. With the expansion of the city, duels are no longer handled here, and this has become the hub of business in the Eastern District.

The Halfling Benevolent Association

This was formerly the base of operations for Finn’s Syndicate. After Commissioner Xander Williams took down Finn’s Syndicate, the Halfling Benevolent Association didn’t have much purpose. The establishment quickly fell into ruin until it was purchased by another Halfling, Steffi Trailskipper.

She has traveled all across the Coastal Kingdoms and accumulated hundreds of maps. She makes copies of maps to sell and has made enough money to allow her to purchase the Halfling Benevolent Association and restore it to its original purpose, a home for traveling halflings.

The Hellhound Social Club

Originally an exclusive club to those involved with Finn’s Syndicate, the Hellhound Social Club has fallen into disrepair. The building has been unoccupied since Finn was rounded up.

The Blink Dog Rickshaw Company

This company started off small, providing rickshaw transportation across the Eastern District. The business has grown greatly and it now has a presence in every district except for Scurvytown and Drac’s End.

It’s owner is a human named Reinhelm, who used to be a sailor, but he saw the opportunity to make a business in Freeport and has succeeded.

The Golden Pillar Society

The upper middle class of the Eastern District have formed the Golden Pillar Society. This organization is thought of as a bunch of do-gooders who are trying to emulate the wealthy. The group is well respected throughout the Eastern District and are usually willing to give small financial assistance to those who are up and coming but just need a little help getting there.

Anyone who’s anyone in the Eastern District is a member of the Golden Pillar Society.

The League of Freemen Headquarters

The League of Freemen is a club where membership is by invitation only. The members get together to drink, play cards, and make business contacts.

The Gilt Club in the Merchant District makes fun of the League of Freemen, thinking it just a pathetic imitation of their own elite club.

Ashworth’s Antiques and Rare Collectables

This store was formerly a front for Finn’s Syndicate. It was an antique shop in the Eastern District that was used to move stolen goods. As part of the war on crime by Xander Williams it was taken over by the Sea Lord’s Guard and all the goods inside were confiscated. It’s owner, Ashworth himself, was taken by the guard and has not been seen since.

The Stuffed Pig

A restaurant in the Eastern District, the Stuffed Pig is known for its music. The food is plentiful, the drinks keep coming, and the owner, Zavina Stoutbreeze, leads her patrons in drinking songs. The place is a bit pricey, but that keeps those looking for trouble out, and those looking for fun and entertainment with a place to go.


This is by far the richest district in Freeport. It has its own private docks, and the presence of the Sea Lord’s guard here is only outnumbered by the quantity of private militia guarding the rich people that live here. This is a very well maintained part of the city.


The Old City is the original site of Freeport. The government buildings are located here, including the Sea Lord’s Palace and the Fortress of Justice. This portion of the city has a huge wall that protects it from the outside. In case of attack, this is where the population would run to, though whether the gates would remain open is left to be seen.


Scurvytown is the most dangerous part of Freeport. It’s legal name is the Freebooter’s Quarter, but that hasn’t been used in decades. This is the place to go for any illicit craving that can be thought of. Drinking, gambling, prostitution, fighting, narcotics, are at the top of the list. It was formerly the home turf of the Cutthroats, but that street gang has been eliminated. Now this part of the city is a rats nest of criminals and vagrants.

The Dead Pelican

A seedy tavern in the middle of Scurvytown, this was a common base of operations for the Cutthroats. It is owned and operated by a human named Jamison. After the arrival of Commissioner Williams and the disappearance of Bloody Jack and the Cutthroats, the tavern was still a common place for criminal activity, until Commissioner Williams brought a contingent of the Sea Lord’s Guard and arrested everyone in the tavern, Jamison included.

The Shambling Mound

Nestled deep in the middle of Scurvytown is the brothel known as the Shambling Mound. It has been around for decades and is one of the nicer brothels in Scurvytown. The brothel still caters to depravity and will service just about any desire a man can have. Once an Inn, the building has been converted into a brothel. The building is not very well kept up, but the girls are clean, and they do run tight security. There is plenty of flesh available if you have the coin.

The Shambling Mound is ran by Matron Althaea, an elven woman who started the business in 1151, and still looks as young as the girls she employs. The security of the brothel is overseen by a former pirate named Burl Blackfist who is known for his skills in battle.

The Chumhouse

The Chumhouse is possibly the roughest tavern in Freeport. It has avoided the attention of the Sea Lord’s Guard, possibly because it is too rough, and if any criminals go there, there’s a good chance that another criminal will do the city of Freeport a favor. There are multiple fights here daily.

The tavern is in a converted warehouse at the end of a dock in Scurvytown, and it features a trapdoor in the floor where those that go too far can be dropped down to sea. Due to the frequency of this, sharks tend to congregate underneath the Chumhouse, thus earning its name.

The original owner was a man named Old Enoch. He passed away years ago, but his picture still hangs above the bar, and it is tradition to toast to his health.

The current owners of the Chumhouse are a pair of dwarven brothers, Garen and Pulma Stonebrake. They keep the food and drink cheap and the entertainment lousy.

The Pit

The Pit is an entire block of the the most dilapidated and run-down buildings of Scurvytown. The Sea Lord’s Guard will not even approach this area, the only law here is that of sword and fist. If someone is trying to avoid notice by the guard, this is the place to go.

Krom’s Throat

Orc sailors are nothing new to Freeport, but the orcs don’t typically mingle well with the other races. Thus, the orcs go to Krom’s Throat. The building has been repaired too many times to count. All that they serve is bloodgrog, the preferred drink of orcs.

The violence in this tavern is on another level completely, but due to its location on the edge of town and the clientele that it services, nobody seems to care. The owner and proprietor of Krom’s Throat is an orc named Cragwipe.

The Beggar’s Market

The Beggars Market is near the border between Scurvytown and The Eastern District. This is as far as most citizens of Freeport ever venture into Scurvytown. The Beggar’s Market is a place to find what you’re looking for, dirt cheap.

It’s also a place where less-than-legal items and substances can be found, and no questions are asked.

Commonly frequenting the Beggars Market is Emperor Oswald, King of the Beggars. A flamboyantly dressed beggar who is very charismatic, yet is nothing more than a beggar.

Otto’s Magic Sword Shop

This weapon shop in Scurvytown is frequented by many an adventurer. It always has an ample supply of weapons, and the price is affordable. It’s owner, Otto Parsam even claims to have a large supply of magical weapons, which he sells for a reasonable price.

This shop is also a place to sell any weapon that you may no longer need. He’ll buy just about anything, but don’t expect to get much for it.

The Salty Clam

The Salty Clam is one of the most depraved places of business in Scurvytown. Whatever sick carnal pleasure someone wants, they will find a way to make it happen. The brothel is small in size, but they will provide services that even the most experienced prostitute will shy away from.

Previously operated by Matron Celeste, a human who grew up in the business and a half-orc named Throg, the brothel is now owned by Pangolin to use as a base of operations for his crew. Hap and Lucienda tend the bar. The doxies are Angeline, Belinda, Callie, Chelsea, La-La, Madeline, Sasha, Scarlet, and Tushie.


The temple district is where the temples to Melanchthon (Knowledge), Sakkrad (Warriors), Melora (Sea), and Besmara (Pirates). This is an area of higher culture than the rest of the city, the taverns here are more likely to feature Bards that are less raunchy, and clientele that is less rowdy.

The Godshop

This is not actually a temple, but it is a store in the Temple District that caters to people of all faiths. It has holy symbols and supplies used by all of the temples. It keeps out of religious affairs, claiming that choosing any sides would be a conflict of interest for their business. It is operated by Brother Wilford Vinely.


Other than the Merchant District this is the best guarded area in Freeport. The area mostly consists of large warehouses where ship’s captains can store their goods. The area even has its own docks for larger ships that don’t want to move their goods across town.

Freeport Districts

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