Optional Rules

This campaign uses 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. This edition does not do a good job of identifying which rules are optional or variants, so this page specifically calls out the ones we use and how we use them.


The optional following rules are used from the Player’s Handbook.

- Customizing Ability Scores (13)
- Variant Human Traits (31)
- Equipment Sizes (144): This applies only to changing armor to fit a different Size-rated character.
- Multiclassing (163-165)
- Feats (165-170)
- Skills with Different Abilities (175)
- Encumbrance (176): To keep dwarves’ movement-related racial trait from being negated by this optional rule, speed reductions are 10 feet less for members of this race.


The following optional rules are used from the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

- Flanking (251)
- Diagonals (252)
- Firearms (267-268): Replace this with the expanded rules on the Firearms page.
- Disarm, Overrun, Shove Aside, and Tumble (271-272)
- Hitting Cover (272)

Optional Rules

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